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Bu programın amacı, öğrencileri gün geçtikçe gelişen turizm sektörünün çalışma alanlarına hazırlamaktır. Öğrenciler haftanın iki gününü sınıflarda eğitim görerek, diğer üç gün ise sektörde çalışarak ve eğitimlerde geçirmektedir. Bu program öğrencilere otel, yemek servisi, havayolu, turizm acentaları gibi çalışma alanlarında yöneticilik ve denetçilik becerileri kazandırmaktadır.

Konaklama ve Turizm İşletmeciliği önlisans programı iki yıl olup, mezun olabilmek için 60 kredi gerekmektedir. Mezun olduktan sonra öğrenciler dikey geçişle Konaklama ve Turizm İşletmeciliği lisans programına transfer olabilmektedir.

Programın eğitim dili İngilizcedir.

THM 101 Turizm Matematiği I 3 0 3
THM113 Mesleki İngilizce I 3 0 3
COMP103 Bilgisayara Giriş 3 0 3
THM 117 İşletmeye Giriş 3 0 3
THM001 Staj I 3 0 3
NH 001 Atatürk İlkeleri ve İnkilap Tarihi I 0 0 0
Toplam 15

+-Ders İçerikleri
THM101 Tourism & Hospitality Maths
This is a comprehensive hospitality mathematics course, designed to provide students with the essential numeric skills required for Hospitality and Tourism management. The course content includes percentages, menu pricing, yield and price factors, profit and loss statements, algebra, simple and compound interest, hospitality and tourism statistics, and weight/volume conversions between the Imperial and Metric systems.


THM113 English for Thm 1
This course especially designed for the students in order to teach them hospitality language terminologies during 13 weeks. The special vocabulary requirements of the sector will be dealt and service related terminology and hospitality related examples will be used to enhanced students` understanding and communication skills in the hospitality.


THM115 Introduction to Hospitality
This course takes a management perspective in introducing students to the organization and structure of hotels, restaurants, clubs, cruise ships, and casino hotels. There are chapters on business ethics, franchising, management contracts, and areas of management responsibility such as human resources, marketing and sales, and advertising.


THM117 Intro to Business Management
This course is designed to introduce the environment & historical setting of business; the organisational evaluation of business enterprise, both structural & legal; differentiation of business functions and the rationalisation of business operations. Students often assume the role of a manager is no different than that of a traditional "boss"-someone who hires/fires, doles out raises/promotions, and tells employees what to do. Management takes students beyond these preconceived notions by exposing them to the full spectrum of management practices and concepts that will help them succeed as managers in today`s business world.


COMP103 Intro to Computer 1
This course is intended as a first computer course and it is not assumed that the student has back ground knowledge on the subject and it focuses on theoretical issues during the first period, followed by application and hands on skills.


THM112 Statistics for Tourism
This course is especially designed for tourism students. Statistical ideas and their relevance in practical life; preparing data for statistical analysis. Elementary probability, random variables, frequency distributions and sampling. Logic of statistical references; descriptive statistics, estimation and significance tests.


THM114 English for Tourism II
This course is designed to increase academic writing skills in the hospitality industry. It explains paragraph structure and essay structure especially communicating with different organizations such as travel agencies, tour operators, regional and international hotels . It shows how to obtain unity, coherance and meaning by using words and phrases logically. It uses both theory and practice to help the students have confidence when constructing their writing skills in the hospitality industry.


THM116 The Business of Tourism
This course the relevance and importance of tourism economics in best tourism destinations and from a global perspective. Topics include demand and forecasting, supply, transport, taxation and infrastructure, evaluation and application for policy making, the role of travel and tourism intermediaries, and pricing principles.


THM118 Haccp & Tqm Applications in Tourism
This course teaches the basics of food safety using the HACCP system, presenting the core knowledge, skills, and abilities that retail food service employees need to prevent accidental or deliberate food contamination. This course covers HACCP`s standard operating procedures and seven principles work together.


COMP104 Computer Applications 2
The course provides review concepts of computing and information Technology (IT) including a review for the hardware, software and other parts of any computer system. The impact would be mainly focused on accomplishing a number of tasks in a number of ways in different office programs to dominate on presentation software and spreadsheet applications.


THM221 Front Office Management
This course presents a systematic approach to front office procedures by detailing the flow of business through a hotel, from the reservations process to check-out and account settlement. The course also examines the various elements of effective front office management, paying particular attention to the planning and evaluation of front office operations and to human resources management. Front office procedures and management are placed within the context of the overall operation of a hotel.


THM223 Travel Agency Operations
This course is designed as a course text for students of ABTAC - the ABTA Travel Agent`s Certificate of Competence, as well as providing the underpinning knowledge needed for Travel Services NVQ levels 1, 2, and 3. It is also useful reading for GNVQ leisure and tourism, and HNC/D and degree travel courses.


THM225 Housekeeping Operations
This course is designed to provide students with the principles of housekeeping management as they apply specifically to the hospitality industry and to teach HACCP hygiene principles.


THM227 Introduction to Economics I
This course serves as an introduction to micro-economics: economics of the firm, resource allocation and prices; output and costs; market structures equilibrium and welfare economics.


THM229 Business Accounting
This course is designed to develop the knowledge of the tourism students about accounting and bookkeeping, accounting statements, the balance sheet equation, effects of transactions on the accounting equation, mechanics of double-entry accounting, the general journal, posting of transactions, trial balance, adjusting entries and preparing statements, financial analysis using accounting data to control and evaluate monetary results of business activities.


THM222 Tourism and Hospitality Accounting
This course focuses on clear and detailed coverage of accounting principles and procedures geared to the hospitality environment of the new millennium. It provides current and future hospitality managers with the skills needed to face future industry challenges.


THM224 Front Office Reservation Application
This course introduces Fidelio OPERA module to students which is the most widely used front office programme in the hospitality industry. In order to gain more cmpetitive skills, students should understand how to make resevation, how to keep records, learn cashiering functions and other in house operations.


THM226 Food & Beverage Service
This course provides students with practical skills and knowledge for effective management of food service operations. It presents basic service principles while emphasizing the importance of meeting and, whenever possible, exceeding the expectations of guests.


THM228 Nutrition & Sanitation
This course begins by presenting basic food safety and food defense standard operating procedures, and explaining why they are so important. Next, it covers all elements of creating and using an effective HACCP plan, including: conducting hazard analyses, determining critical control points, establishing critical limits monitoring procedures, and corrective actions; verifying that the system works, and keeping records.


THM230 Tourism Economics
This course provides a comprehensive, in-depth study of the business tourism market worldwide, an analysis of the relevant theoretical issues and a detailed investigation of the practice of managing and organising facilities for the business travel and tourism market. Both theoretical and practical issues are illustrated by extensive case-studies and end-of-chapter discussion questions allow students to test their knowledge and understanding.