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Bu program öğrencilere şirketler için nasıl teknik destek sağlanacağını öğretmektedir. Bu programdan mezun olan öğrenciler bilgisayar programlama, web tasarımı ve veritabanı geliştirme gibi alanlarda çalışabilmektedir.

Yönetim Bilişim Sistemleri önlisans programı iki yıl olup, mezun olabilmek için 60 krediyi tamamlamak gerekmektedir. Mezun olduktan sonra öğrenciler dikey geçiş ile Yönetim Bilişim Sistemleri lisans programına transfer olabilmektedir.

Programın eğitim dili İngilizcedir.

AMAT 101 İşletme Matematiği I 3 0 3
ABSM 101 İşletme Yönetimine Giriş I 3 0 3
ACOM 101 Bilgisayara Giriş 3 0 3
AMIS 101 Bilgisayarlı Muhasebe 3 0 3
EGL101 İngilizce I: Okuma Becerileri 3 0 3
NH 001 Atatürk İlkeleri ve İnkilap Tarihi I 0 0 0
Toplam 15

+-Ders İçerikleri

ABSM101 – Introduction to Business & Management I (3,0)3

Introduce business and non-business students to business areas and how they function together in a global business environment. Familiarize students with business concepts, terms and bases for global competition. Learn critical thinking skills through cases and application of concepts in real world situations. Expose students to a wide variety of business careers to facilitate student decision on appropriate business major. Relate business as a part of all future careers.

AMAT101 – Mathematics for Business & Economics I (3,0)3

Revision of essential algebra for calculus. Polynomials, rational expressions, straight line. Linear and quadratic equations and inequalities. Functions, limits, continuity, derivatives, techniques of derivatives, applications of derivatives.

ACOM 101 - Introduction to Computers & Information Systems (3,0)3

To provide an understanding of the need for the management of data as an organizational resource. Introduction to the fundamental concepts of data processing. Emphasis is on business data processing. Student’s skills in the application of computers to business and their knowledge of hardware and software are enhanced.

AMAT102 - Business Mathematics II(3,0)3

Exponential and logarithmic functions. Derivatives of exponential and logarithmic functions. Applications of exponential functions ant derivatives. Techniques of integration, definite integral, applications of integration. Functions of several variables, partial derivatives.

EGL101- Development of Reading Skills (3,0)3

The main aim of this course is to prepare students for the academic reading and writing tasks they will do within their Faculties. To this end, Students will study the techniques that will enable them to produce academic essays in a range of specific styles. They will learn how to write about graphical information and how to incorporate supporting examples into their essays. They will also develop reading speed and proficiency, increase vocabulary and improve comprehension skills.

ABSM 102 - Introduction to Business & Management II(3,0)3

This is an introductory course about the management of organizations. It provides instruction in principles of management that have general applicability to all types of enterprises; basic management philosophy and decision making; principles involved in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling; and recent concepts in management.


ACOM 102 - Computer Applications(3,0)3

This course expands the student’s knowledge of computer; word processors, spreadsheets, database applications and other business applications are introduced.

EGL102- Development of Writing Skills(3,0)3

The main aim of this course is to provide effective development of the skills acquired in EGL101. Students will master speaking and argumentative skills by taking part in discussions of the topics covered in the reading assignments. They will develop critical and analytical thinking at a higher level. Acquire profound knowledge of the necessary reading and writing techniques aiming to prepare them for more in depth research work with materials of their Majors. Continue to prepare students for the academic reading and writing tasks they will encounter within their Faculties. They will learn how to include secondary data within their writings. They will also develop reading speed and proficiency, increase vocabulary and improve comprehension skills.

AMIS102 / CIS102 - Algorithms & Programming Techniques (3,0)3

This course covers the basic Problem-solving concepts, Flowcharts; Pseudo Codes that students need to know and understand when working in any computer language or application. With the detailed explanations and numerous illustrations, it compasses all fundamental areas of problem solving from the basics of mathematical functions and operations to the design and use of codes, indicators and arrays.

AMIS201 - Productivity tools (0,6)3

Databases, spreadsheets & word processing at higher levels that were delivered in the first year. This is a focused training for the MIS ASc programme in order to equip students to a very high level of skills in Personal Productivity with Information Systems (IS) Technology. The prerequisite: elementary knowledge of IS technology during the first year.


AMIS203 - Data base concepts and SQL (3,0)3

In this course database concepts of relational databases, Data Base Management Systems in addition to Structured Query Language (SQL) will be introduced.


AMIS207 - Programming Concepts & Fundamentals (3,0)3

Programming concepts and fundamentals will be studied.


AMIS209- XHTML & XML Concepts & Web Design (3,0)3

XHTML and XML concepts will be introduced and their contribution to web design will be demonstrated through examples.


AMIS202 - Business Data communications(3,0)3

Students will acquire understanding and knowledge of telecommunications fundamentals including LANs, MANs, WANs, intranets, the Internet and the WWW. Data communication and telecommunication concepts, models and standards will be studied.


AMIS204 - Programming in a 4G environment(0,6)3

Students will be equipped to a high level of skills in programming for the 4th generation environment through practical programming using DBMS and SQL.


AMIS206 - System Analysis & Design(3,0)3

Approaches to system analysis and design will be introduced.


AMIS208 - C/C programming(3,0)3

Students will acquire knowledge and skills of programming within C/C environment.


AMIS210 - Advanced Web design(0,6)3

In this course students will acquire skills for web design in areas of: animation, graphics, video and audio application through practical experimentations and projects.

AMIS101 - Computer Aided Accounting (3,0)3

Course aim is to provide an introduction to the field of accounting and the development and use of accounting information in the business world by introducing students to the theory of accounting and providing practical calculations, solutions and hands on practice with popular accounting computer software.

AMIS 205 Management Information Systems (3,0)3

Functions and contributions of Management Information Systems for different layers of management and operation of the digital firm will be studied. Strategic values of information systems and their contribution to effective management decision making and operation of the

digital firm are introduced and discussed. Management of hardware resources, software resources and telecommunication resources will be reviewed.